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Arel has been founded by two partners named Ahmet Önel and Mehmet Ak1n in the late nineties. The founder partners who come from the most veteran mariner families of Marmara Island have combined their 30 years of sailing and ship management experiences under the roof of AREL SHIPPING COMPANY. Company first started as a chartering office and commenced the ship management at the year of 2000 by purchasing their first vassel. By continuity of the investments and hardworking, the company achieved to carry about 2.000.000MT general and bulk cargo in Turkish Coastal Waters at the year of 2008 with eight vessels fleet and chartered vessels, thus become the sector leader in this area. The Company has started international marine cargo transportation by joining of two 6105Wt vessels named MV AHMET ÖNEL and MV KAZIME ANA to our fleet in 2010. By extending our shore team with experienced and educated personnel in this direction, we have adopted “the quality and safe service” as our vision.